Hurricane Chinooks'
National Specialty Winners

The high point every year is when many of the Chinook breeders and owners gather together for the UKC National Chinook Specialty. During that time we are all watching to see who will be crowned National Best of Breed (NBOB) for that year. There will be many Chinooks who have already attained significant standing in the Chinook community and those who have just passed 6 months of age and are eligible to compete for the first time. Joyce Maley is honored to have owned and or produced the national winning Chinook in 9 out of the last 16 years. Joyce was the owner/breeder/handler in all but two of these wins.

The following dogs owned/co-owned by Joyce Maley, and either born at Hurricane Chinooks, or produced from at least one of the dogs at Hurricane Chinooks, have won the National Specialty.

In 2004 the UKC started awarding the title National Best of Breed. Since that time there have been five NBOB awards, all of which has gone to Chinooks owned or co-owned by Hurricane Chinooks and with at least one of the Chinook's parents owned by Hurricane Chinooks.

GR CH Hurricane Mackenzie, National Specialty Winner 1996 and 1999, Multiple BIS
GR CH 'PR' Boreyal's Royal Ember, National Specialty Winner 1997
GR CH 'PR' Hurricane Chaser, National Specialty Winner 2000, Multiple BIS
Janacek head shotNBOB GR CH 'PR' Hurricane Janacek, National Best of Breed 2004, 2006 and 2007, 2006 Top 20 UKC Dogs
Sydney head shotNBOB GR CH 'PR' Mystic's Hurricane Sydney, National Best of Breed 2005, BIS Winner
Finnegan head shotNBOB GR CH 'PR' Hurricane Finnegan, National Best of Breed 2008


Mackenzie is from Hurricane Chinooks' very first litter. He first won the National Specialty in 1996. His second National Specialty win was in 1999.

The Honorable Nancy Fishinger, U.K.C. Judge; Joyce A. Maley, 
breeder/owner/handler; and GR Ch Mackenzie
Show photograph by Sara Nugent.

1999 UKC National Specialty Winner
GR CH Hurricane Mackenzie DNA-VIP

Hurricane Mackenzie stepped into the spotlight at his first National Specialty win in 1996 under the Honorable Judge Betty Umberto. Shortly after that win he acquired both his Championship and Grand Championship titles. In 1999 he won his second National Specialty win under the judging of the Honorable Judge Nancy Fishinger.

Mackenzie is a product of Hurricane Chinooks' first litter. That litter was born in 1986 to Singing Woods Ayla by North Wind Kodiac. Since that time Mackenzie has sired six litters. GR CH 'PR' Hurricane Chaser, from his second litter, was the 1998 #1 Top Ten pointed Chinook and the 2000 National Specialty winner..

Mackenzie's second National Specialty win is almost a miracle after a life-threatening accident 16 months earlier. If you have time, please read about his recovery in Return of a Champion. He made a spectacular comeback and continued his showing through the end of the year. He retired at the end of the 1999 showing season, after his 12th birthday on November 20th, 1999. When he concluded his UKC career, he was the 1999 #1 Top Ten Chinook.

More information at Mackenzie's personal information page.

GR CH 'PR' Boreal's Royal Ember

head shot of Ember
1997 UKC National Specialty Winner
GR CH 'PR' Boreal's Royal Ember

Ember is from a Boreayl Chinooks litter and is co-owned with Diana Fowler. Ember's father is North Wind Kodiac, from Hurricane Chinooks.


Photograph by Ginger Corley.

2000 U.K.C. National Specialty Winner
GR CH Hurricane Chaser DNA-VIP

Hurricane Chaser becomes the fist National Specialty winner of the new millenium! Hurricane Chaser started attracting attention when she became the first #1 Top Ten Chinook in 1998. She followed up the next year by capturing the #2 slot, second only to her father, Hurricane Mackenzie. Chaser has OFA "good" hips, OFA "normal" heart and CERF "normal" eyes.

Chaser is a product of U-CD GR CH 'PR' Romano's Tundra, the first Chinook to become a "Total Dog" and GR CH Hurricane Mackenzie, the 1999 #1 Top Ten Chinook and Winner of both the 1996 and 1999 National Specialties.

More information at Chaser's personal information page.

NBOB GR CH 'PR' Hurricane Janacek DNA-VIP TT

joyce standing behind Janacek, who is standing on a platform and facing to the left
Photograph by Sara Nugent.

NBOB GR CH 'PR' Hurricane Janacek
2006 Best of Breed Top Ten

With Janacek's 2006 Best of Breed Top Ten Win, Janacek became the first Chinook to win all the major conformation competitions for a year group:

  • 2006 Chinook National Specialty
  • 2006 #1 Top Ten Chinook
  • 2006 Best of Breed Top Ten (competition held at the 2007 Premier)

With his 2006 win, Hurricane Janacek became only the second two-time National Specialty winner in the Chinook breed. Janacek's grandfather, GR CH Hurricane Mackenzie, was the only other two-time National Specialty winner in the Chinook breed. In addition to his Specialty win, he also became one of the Top 20 dogs in UKC during the Top Ten competition for 2005.

Janacek went on to win the 2007 Chinook National Specialty that was held in July, 2007, in Longmont, CO, judged by the Honorable Fred Lanting. Janacek's career included three National Specialty wins, four Best of Breed Top Ten wins, three #1 Top Ten wins, and being selected as one of the Top Twenty dogs in UKC for 2005. Janacek is now living the life of a couch potato. He wishes his kids and other Chinook relatives good luck in the show ring as he steps aside.

Janacek has OFA 'good' hips and is CERF 'normal' (2008). Janacek became the first Chinook to hold the UKC title of National Best of Breed (NBOB) when he won the National Specialty in 2004. As a very special bonus, GR CH Mystic's Hurricane Sydney, Jancek's daughter, became the second Chinook to hold the NBOB UKC title when she won the 2005 National Specialty.

Janacek is a wonderful dog to share life with. I enjoy travling with him as he is so adaptable to different situations. He is also easy to show in the ring as he has such a wonderful fluid movement and a kind expression that often catches the eye of judges.

More information at Janacek's personal information page.

NBOB GR CH 'PR' Mystic's Hurricane Sydney TT BIS

Sydney's National Best of Breed show picture
Photograph by Creative Weddings Photography.

2005 UKC National Best of Breed
NBOB CH 'PR' Mystic's Hurricane Sydney

Mystic's Hurricane Sydney won the 2005 Chinook National Specialty, under the Honorable Judge June Pasko. This was an especially significant win, since is was the largest Specialty to date, with 49 Chinooks competing. This is a proud addition to her Best in Show win a year earlier. Sydney is a result of the joining of the Rain Mountain line, through Rain Mountain Anasazi Mystic (Dixie) and the Hurricane line through Hurricane Janacek, who was the 2004 National Specialty Winner. The breeder, Linda Daniels, brought the two lines together, producing an excellent litter of puppies.

Sydney's selection from the litter was based on conformation and movement. This involved an extended process in which a half dozen senior breeders of different breeds, including one Chinook judge and two senior Chinook breeders, evaluated pictures on the internet. In addition, two professional handlers did hands on evaluations. Therefore, it is no surprise that she moves well, which is one of the main focal points of my breeding program.

Sydney is a natural in the show ring. She has always shown well for me and shows almost equally well with others showing her. Of all my Chinooks, Sydney seems to have better control over her body than any others. She has tremendously strong movement.

Sydney has OFA prelim 'good' hips and is CERF 'normal' (2008). As a very special bonus, Sydney became only the second Chinook to hold the new UKC title of National Best of Breed (NBOB), right behind her father, NBOB GR CH 'PR Hurricane Janacek.

More information at Sydney's personal information page.

NBOB GR CH 'PR' Hurricane Finnegan

Finnigan standing, and behind him from left to 
right, the Honorable Judge Patrick O'Connell, Dave Schiller, Karen Schiller 
and Joyce Maley
Photograph by Penthea Burns.

2008 UKC National Best of Breed
NBOB GR CH 'PR' Hurricane Finnegan

Hurricane Finnegan won the 2008 Chinook National Specialty, in Kalamazoo, MI, under the Honorable Judge Patrick O'Donnell. Finnegan is only the third Chinook to hold the UKC title National Best of Breed (NBOB). He did a wonderful job following in the footsteps of his grandfather, three-time National Specialty winner, NBOB GR CH Hurricane Janacek. He also has two National Specialty winner great grandfathers, GR CH Thunder Paws Taz of Boreayl and GR CH Hurricane Mackenzie.

Finnegan is a result of a breeding at Hurricane Chinooks that combined the Hurricane and Rain Mountain lines. His dam is Hurricane Keeper and his sire, also located at Hurricane Chinooks, is Rain Mountain Estanislao. Finnigan is co-owned by Karen and Dave Schiller, and Joyce Maley. This is the first National Specialty win for both Hurricane Finnegan and his owner/handler Dave Schiller, from Colorado.

After two years of hard, but enjoyable work in the show ring with Dave showing him and Karen providing support ringside, Finnegan is retiring. Congratulations to Karen, Dave and Finnegan for a successful showing career culminating in a wonderful National Specialty win.

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